HHVM 发布 3.27.2 发布,Bug 修复版本

HHVM 是 Facebook 推出的用来执行 PHP 代码的虚拟机,它是一个 PHP 的 JIT(Just-In-Time) 编译器,同时具有产生快速代码和即时编译的优点。

HHVM 3.27.2 是一个纯 bug 修复版本,更新内容如下:

  • Fix various crashes on MacOS due to differing assembler conventions
  • Fix deadlock when calling HH\facts_parse in multiple simultaneous requests
  • Fix conditional breakpoints in debugger
  • Fix hang in debugger shutdown
  • Fix IDE symbol search for namespaced symbols that start with a lowercase letter; this usually means namespaced functions.
  • Fix hh_client crash on shutdown in some situations
  • Fix crash when an unsupported experimental feature was enabled